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Here's some recent articles I've written

  1. 🔌 File based routing with Plug

    1. 10 minute read
    2. Published: 2023-05-02

    A lot of frontend frameworks take the design decision for the project file structure to dictate the structure of the API. Let’s mirror that with Elixir’s Plug library

  2. 🪲 Debugging Tailwind's Language Server Protocol

    1. 10 minute read
    2. Published: 2023-02-09

    I use Neovim as my code editing driver. At work, our tech stack revolves around the Phoenix framework ontop of Elixircontroversial decision since TW is basically bundled into Phoenix at this point!

  3. 🕊️ Comparing a file with master branch

    1. 10 minute read
    2. Published: 2023-01-09

    I find myself very regularly needing to understand what has changed in a specific file compared to (most commonly master) another Git branch.There’s no quickfire git command which will just take the file and branch you want and hand you back the file unfortunately, so we are left to come up with other means.

  4. 🛫 Moving to Zola

    1. 10 minute read
    2. Published: 2023-01-08

    First article of the new year, and I tell myself that this time, this time I’ll actually stick to writing!As every developer knows, you can’t just go and start writing articles, you need to build the platform which they will be hosted on first!

  5. 🌯 Exploring Haskell’s `newtype` as a type wrapper

    1. 10 minute read
    2. Published: 2022-10-07

    Sometimes when programming in various languages, it can be incredibly useful to be able to adapt the core primitive or third party types in your platform. A particular library’s API not quite to your liking? Need an additional sorting function on that damned list type? Sounds like a nice, ergonomic way of wrapping that external type to provide more functionality is in order.

Check out these videos I've put together

  1. Tmux Session Communication

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  2. Typed CSS Variables In React

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  3. Jotai Async

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  4. Go Static Asset Server

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  5. Sequential Async Operations

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